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21.07.2014 | Organic apple juice NFC
Appol Sp. z o.o. expand their product range with organic apple NFC juice.

06.09.2013 |
Start of production of apple directjuice!
On 3. September 2013 we have started the production of cloudy apple juice NFC!

14.05.2013 |
We are launching the production of NFC juice

As of September 2013, Appol Sp. z o.o. is introducing NFC juices to its portfolio.

30.04.2013 | Construction of the microbiology lab
We have launched a new investment, the construction of a microbiology lab at our plant in Opole Lubelskie.

Appol Sp. of o.o. is a leading Polish manufacturer of concentrated fruit juices, NFC juices, dried fruit pomaces and fruit aromas. From the moment of establishing the company in 1994 we have been engaged first and foremost with processing fruit. Favourable natural conditions of the area, location of our Production Plants in an ecologically clean regions as well as good access to raw fruit supply have all been our allies in undertaking subsequent investments towards manufacturing highly valuable products.






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